Meet the Maker

Hi! My name is Lindsay Stafford and I'm the "Prickly Dame" behind each unique, handmade piece. I'm the wife of Jimmy Stafford, original guitar player of Train, and I'm also "momma" to two beautiful, independent and very feisty redheaded girls! I moved from Chicago to the Nashville area in 2011, where my family currently lives.


My wood is purchased from several different places depending on my project. I use a fabulous private mill in the Missouri Ozarks for my bracelets and I source my amazing burl pieces and other unique wood from a 300 acre homestead ranch in Wyoming. The majority of the wood I use is reclaimed and has fallen naturally or has been removed by necessity.


I started my woodworking journey in 2015 as an anxious stay-at-home mom. I found pieces of reclaimed wood in my attic that I used for small projects such as jewelry holders, pictures frames, etc. and from there I started making hand carved signs and any other random projects such as a canoe paddle, cutting boards, and many others! All that led me to learn woodturning!



I would love to meet you! Post your pic and tag me @Prickly.Dame!!